CIARM                                                           AIA - GAM 




25th May, 2004, 2.30 pm 


University of Bologna, School of Engineering; Viale Risorgimento, 2



prof. Chris Waltham, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


"Harp Acoustics"



"Very little has been written on the acoustics of harps, except for Firth's short 1977 paper on the Scottish clarsach. As a physicist and amateur harp builder I have a made a start on extending Firth's work, using a small Celtic harp and a larger Lever Harp - both home-made - and a Salvi Concert Pedal-Harp. I also build on the work of Weinreich on piano strings, Gough on violin strings, and a recent general analysis of vibrating strings by O'Reilly and Holmes. My talk will start with an overview of harp evolution and diffusion, with some discussion of basic mechanical issues, then I will review my own measurements, and will end on where this work is heading."