brief curriculum vitae

Born on 29th December 1975, I graduated with honors in Mechanical Engineering on 20th July 2000 at the University of Genova. My degree thesis (Compaction of a dendritic copper powder: experimental characterization and F.E.M simulation) is a research on the pre-sintering forming process of powder assemblages. Actually I'm a PhD student under the supervision of Lamberto Tronchin at the University of Bologna. My field of research are: physics of musical instruments, auralisation, concert hall acoustics.


I adore and worship my beloved guitar! I've been studying the classical guitar since I was a little boy with Sandro Volta and Mauro Bonelli to whom I owe a lot. My favorite authors are L. Brower, A. Barrios, A. Piazzolla , E. Villa Lobos together with ancient lute composers (Dowland, Da Milano, Byrd).

I'm also fond on bike racing and have long trainings when I've got time. I'm a good racer especially when the road lifts up!! I have a Beautiful colnago C40 bike which is my second girlfriend!!