There are by now many examples of virtual reconstruction of Space for music.

Pay Attention:

to see the following reconstruction, you need to have already installed in your browser some plug-ins,

namely: VRML 2.0 plug-in:

click HERE to download and install the plug-in

We are working in different cases:

The MAIN HALL at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna, Bologna

The S. Domenico church, Udine

The S. Maria del Fiore Church, Florence

The Church San Domenico, Foligno, (Perugia)

    We have made b-format measurements and recording in many positions inside the hall,

    using the Soundfield MkV microphone, the Sennheiser dummy-head and a normal wooden head, with the swept-sine technique.

    We made also b-format recordings for our new ambisonics listening room: Give a look to the IMAGES.

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