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CIARM - Università di Bologna, c/o Capus di Cesena  Via dell’Università,  CESENA - Italy

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esearches at CIARM are fully devoted to Room and Musical Acoustics. Our main fields of interest are related to characterise musical Instruments, especially during restoration processes, as well as Room acoustics, which is considered as cultural heritage.



Some Papers about our researches – since 1995!


Virtual reconstruction of Baroque Trumpet

Virtual reconstruction of Ancient Violins

Virtual reconstruction of Wind Instruments

Virtual reconstruction of Musical Environments

Intensity of Acoustic Radiation in Kettledrums

Realisation of the ARLECCHINO listening room for Ambisonics

Virtual reconstruction of Miners’ theatre in Idrija (Slovenia)

Acoustics of the 1763 Theatre in Bologna (Italy)

Acoustics of the Teatro Ideale of Francesco Milizia

Subjective evaluations of music perception

Virtual acoustic analysis in Basilica di San Vitale, Ravenna (Italy)

Permanent deformations of the sound-board in pianos of the romantic period

Acoustic behavior of different hammer-set in historical pianos and related performance (in Italian)

The Carabattola—Vibroacoustical Analysis and Intensity of Acoustic Radiation (IAR)

Sound Characterization through Intensity of Acoustic Radiation Measurement: A Study of Persian Musical Instruments

Modal analysis in guitars

The M3R Korg Librarian's page

The M1 Korg Librarian's page

The System exclusive page

On the wolf tone of cellos

The performance in cellos

Mechanical Impedance and loss factor measurements on cellos

Impulse responses measurements in flutes of different material

Fourier analysis and psychoacoustics differences on non-equabile clavichords (listen to this music!)

Directivity measurements of string Instruments

Directivity measurements of human voice

Computer simulation of Binaural, Stereo-Dipole, B-format and Ambiophonics impulse responses

Comparison between measurements of the scattering and diffusion coefficients

Variable acoustics in a reverberant room: comparison between physical and numerical approaches

Different techniques applied in the design of Foligno' S.Domenico Church

Advanced techniques for measuring and reproducing spatial sound properties of Auditoria

Room Acoustics measurements: recent application cases

Room Acoustics measurements: the case of PalaFenice

Convolution applications